Your health benefits, simplified.

Health benefits were complex, but not anymore.

Right Intention, Right Design

Two Steps and You’re Done

  • Put money into employees’ Frontier benefit accounts. 
  • Your employees use that money to buy their own health insurance.

Best of all, OneBridge administers everything else and guides your employees along the way. 

Simplify Your Benefits

Right Intentions, Imperfect Design

Too Many Responsibilities to Count

  • COBRA administration.
  • ACA reporting.
  • Paying insurance carriers.
  • Managing consistent rate increases.
  • Finding solutions for your out-of-area employees.
  • Staying up-to-date with group health regulations.
  • Coordinating QLEs.
  • Handling payroll deductions.
  • And more!

Making Employers’
Lives Easier

Frontier provides employers with a simplified health benefit option that enables you to focus your resources on your business vs benefits administration. Frontier simplifies the way health insurance is designed, offered, and administered and enables your employees to choose the health coverage that best fits their needs.

Available with top providers in all 50 states.

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An Even Better
Benefit for Employees

Health insurance is a very personal decision. Shouldn’t the person using the insurance choose their own plan? Frontier puts the decision back into the hands of the person who will be utilizing the insurance, your employee. Plus, unused funds stay with each employee to cover future healthcare expenses.

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Revolutionary Tech for Revolutionary Benefits

Frontier is powered by OneBridge Benefits—a premier benefit administrator servicing over 210,000 participants with $2B+ in health account savings. Employers gain a trusted, experienced partner as OneBridge handles everything from plan design and compliance to administration and regulatory reporting. Employees gain complete control over their benefit through a robust online portal and mobile application. Go with the modern, first-of-its-kind technology and plans tailor-fit for your benefit with OneBridge.

Benefit Portability

Any unused funds are portable and can be used for future health expenses—providing a lifelong healthcare benefit.

Section 125 & POP Integration

You determine contribution amounts, OneBridge handles the rest, including Premium Only Plan contributions to provide income and payroll tax savings.

Online Portal & Mobile App

The industry’s first and only technology solution that supports recordkeeping and reconciliation for employers, and allows employees to receive real-time claims, balance updates, and more!

Integrated Debit Card

Participants receive a debit card to conveniently pay for premiums and other qualifying medical expenses.

Stackable FSA

OneBridge allows you to bundle more benefits and increase your tax savings by stacking a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) on top of your Frontier account.

Personalized Support

You receive personalized service from over 40 experienced OneBridge team members and a proprietary administration platform.

Is Frontier right for you?

How can Frontier help grow my business?

You no longer have to spend time and resources offering and administering traditional group health plans every year during open enrollment. Instead, you can focus on what you do best and offer a more flexible benefits package helping you attract and retain your industry’s top talent.  

What types of businesses are Frontier designed for?

Frontier is designed to help any business—big or small—gain greater control over the rising costs of healthcare. More specifically, Frontier is a great fit for healthcare, transportation, and tech companies with 50+ employees.

How does Frontier help with a multi-state workforce?

With Frontier, each employee is now able to purchase a health insurance plan that is tailored to their geography. So, if your company is headquartered in New York but you have team members in Texas, Frontier allows your Texas team members to buy Texas-based health coverage with a Texas network of service providers.

How can Frontier eliminate COBRA responsibilities?

By empowering your employees with ownership of their health insurance plans, there is no coverage loss in the event an employee leaves. As a turn-key solution provider, OneBridge handles all state-by-state COBRA regulations for you as needed. 

Am I able to sign up for Frontier at any time if I already have a group health plan?

Yes! Frontier can be seamlessly integrated into your existing benefits offering either as a standalone plan or alongside the traditional group health plan your employees already participate in. 

Is Frontier an ICHRA?

Yes, Frontier is an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA). However, Frontier is a funded ICHRA, meaning that there is never any reimbursement to file for related to insurance expenses. All of our participants receive payment before their health insurance expense comes due.

How is Frontier better than a standard ICHRA?

Typically, ICHRAs are notional—meaning employees do not retain unused funds. Frontier accounts, however, are funded ICHRAs—meaning employees do retain unused funds. These funds can then be used for health expenses throughout an employee’s life.

In addition to this key difference, Frontier is powered by OneBridge Benefits, which developed the industry’s first and only technology solution that supports recordkeeping and reconciliation for employers, and allows employees to receive real-time claims, balance updates, and more!

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When it comes to paying for healthcare today and saving for tomorrow, there’s more to explore. Map your healthcare benefits journey with Frontier and other YourWay plans through OneBridge Benefits.

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