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YourWay Frontier

Make Unexpected Rate Increases a Thing of the Past

Are your organization’s health insurance premiums experience-rated? Leverage the power of the YourWay Frontier ICHRA and the Individual Marketplace to regain control over your entire health benefit spend.

The Future of Health Benefits

How is the YourWay Frontier ICHRA different from traditional group health insurance?

Health benefit costs are out of control. Year-over-year costs are unpredictably increasing—with no end in sight. Even worse, this ever-increasing benefit spend doesn’t give each employee the tailor-fit level of coverage they deserve.

Not anymore. With the YourWay defined benefit model, you’re in control of how much you give each employee, and each employee chooses how to spend their benefit dollars in a way that best fits their unique situation. The best part? Employees love this new benefits model. In our post-enrollment survey, employees give YourWay Frontier a 9/10 satisfaction rating.

See Frontier in Action

So… What’s an ICHRA?

ICHRA stands for, “Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement.” It’s a new vehicle for employers to use when offering health insurance. Through an administrator like OneBridge Benefits, employers contribute pre-tax funds into employees’ benefit accounts, which employees then use to purchase healthcare coverage on the individual market.

How is Frontier different, and what makes it revolutionary?

Well, savings is the new compensation. So instead of promising access to an insurance plan that not all employees value in the same way, the YourWay Frontier ICHRA provides employers with the ability to contribute actual pre-tax funds that can grow and be used in perpetuity, until exhausted, serving as an additional retirement benefit.

See If Frontier Is Right for You

Explore YourWayFrontier and control your benefit costs.

Break free from the grip of traditional group plans. Remove the business risks associated with offering health benefits. Take back control over your health benefits and have them work with—not against—you.

No matter your role, we’re here for your benefit.

Strengthen your relationships, get ahead of the curve, and grow your business with broker-preferred, account-based benefit plans.
Broker Benefits
Enrich your health benefit offering with HRAs, FSAs, or ICHRAs that help control cost and allow you to remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.
Offer YourWay
Everything you need to know about out-of-pocket expenses, tax savings, and all the added benefits YourWay plans have to offer participants.
Benefit More

Here are some other ways our plans can help your organization.

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Save for Retirement

“Is there a way to easily add new health benefit accounts to my existing plans?”

Gain Flexibility