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Managing teams and offices is complicated before health benefits are even considered. Once factored into the equation, responsibilities become overwhelming. Just think about all of the tasks internal HR and benefits resources are responsible for overseeing—on top of their daily workloads…

  1. Overseeing the annual benefits meeting.
  2. COBRA administration.
  3. ACA reporting.
  4. Answering employee questions about coverage.
  5. Paying insurance carriers.
  6. Communicating with brokers.
  7. Managing consistent rate increases.
  8. Finding solutions for your out-of-area employees.
  9. Staying up-to-date with group health regulations.
  10. Coordinating QLEs.
  11. Managing payroll deductions.
  12. And more!

And while benefits brokers certainly assist in reducing this workload, coordination with that third-party requires just as much dedicated time and resources, and, in some cases, a duplication of tasks. Furthermore, employee dissatisfaction around their plans and limited coverage options often falls at the feet of these administrative individuals who have little control over such particulars. 

That’s why we’ve developed a better model. 

Introducing a solution that helps reduce the time and internal resources required to satisfy all of those administrative items listed above, and empowers employee populations to choose the health insurance that’s best for them—YourWay Frontier, from OneBridge Benefits.

With two simple steps, your staff can focus on what’s most important: Your clients, and your business.


Put money into your employees’ health benefit accounts.


Your employees use that money to buy their health insurance in the open market.

Not only does Frontier help alleviate the overall administrative burden of offering health benefit plans, but it improves existing systems and protocols, and comes with the experienced support and guidance of OneBridge.

What happens to COBRA administration?

By empowering your employees with ownership of their health insurance plans, there is no loss of coverage in the event an employee separates. 

What happens to ACA and payroll reporting?

As a turn-key, end-to-end solution-provider, OneBridge handles all ACA and payroll reporting.

What about QLEs?

This is an everyday part of managing benefits. OneBridge handles these directly with insurance carriers and the employees.

What if employees have questions during the onboarding process?

Our dedicated team and technology provides complete guidance throughout the process, ensuring all employees find and secure coverages tailor-fit to their financial and health needs. 

What if we have questions?

OneBridge is there every step of the way—for employers and their employees. We ensure a smooth and seamless transition from traditional group health plans. 

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