A New Way to Choose & Tailor Healthcare Benefits

The future of health benefits is here. Now you can offer each employee their own tailor-fit health insurance plan, give them the ability to build up a health insurance savings account—all while saving your organization time and money.

The future of health benefits is here. Explore it with OneBridge Benefits. 

Where Benefits Are Heading

Employers have been formally providing their employees with HRAs (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) since 2002 when the IRS issued Notice 2002-45 and Revenue Ruling 2002-41. An Executive Order in 2017 expanded the scope of HRA funds. Now, with an Individual Coverage HRA, employers can put money into an employee’s HRA and that money can be used to purchase individual coverage health insurance. Every day, more employers are making the switch from the traditional defined benefit model to the new defined contribution of health benefits. 

Over the next 5-8 years, the Department of Human and Health Services estimates:

Approx. 800,000 employers will be offering ICHRAs to their employers.
Approx. 11 million employees will be purchasing their own health insurance.

How YourWay Works

Employers simply contribute tax-free funds into a benefits account (ICHRA). Employees use these funds to pay for their own health insurance through the marketplace—free from the limited choice associated with traditional group plans. OneBridge Benefits has designed YourWay Frontier as a completely turnkey solution with seamless onboarding, enrollment, administration, and ongoing support. 

Step 1

Put money into employees’ Frontier benefit accounts.

Step 2

Your employees use that money to buy their own health insurance.

That's it!

OneBridge Benefits administers everything and guides your employees along the way.

A New Way to Save for Retirement

When employees enroll in the YourWay Frontier, they can immediately start saving for one of the most significant expenses they will experience during retirement—healthcare. Not only do you empower your employees with the right to choose their own plan coverage, but any unused funds they accrue stay with them.  

YourWay Frontier FundingMonthlyAnnually
Employer Contribution$700$8,400
Monthly Premium Expense$400$4,800
Employee Savings$300$3,600

Empower Your Business

Want to learn more about how Frontier can help save your business time and money, while helping you attract and retain top talent? Explore your options today with our team and begin the process YourWay. 

Contact OneBridge today to learn more!

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