The Plan to Expand Your Business

Offer your clients a modern and turn-key solution that saves them money, lessens their administration, and improves their employees’ benefits.

Partner with OneBridge to offer your clients the premier ICHRA offering—YourWay Frontier.

Get Ahead with Better Benefits

Strengthen current client relationships and build new ones by being first-to-market with the latest group health benefits model. YourWay Frontier provides your employers with a seamless experience resulting in a better benefit to their teams.

Easy Enrollment
Using Benefits WayFinder, our proprietary enrollment platform, employers can offer employees a rich benefit enrollment experience and provide them the tools to review, compare, and select the individual health insurance plan that fits their needs.
Intuitive Dashboard
Once enrolled, participants manage their accounts via our MyOneBridge dashboard. Intuitively built and supported by our dedicated team, your clients’ HR resources no longer have to deal with post-enrollment headaches!
Less Admin
With YourWay Frontier, ongoing administration becomes more efficient by reducing the pain of COBRA administration, Qualifying Life Event management, and ACA reporting.

How We Partner
with Brokers

In just three simple steps, you can begin selling YourWay Frontier and continue growing your business.


Meet the OneBridge team and discuss how Frontier can grow your business and establish you as a first-mover in your geography.


OneBridge trains your team through a test analysis that we complete together.


We equip you and your team with marketing and sales content that introduces your clients to the future of health benefits.

Why Partner?

Individualized coverage is the future of health benefits. Similar to how quickly the 401(k) gained popularity (51% of retirement plan offerings shifted from pensions in just two years), the Treasury Department has projected that within five to eight years (or within the next few years), an additional 11 million employees will be selecting their own plans.

Get a head start. Be your clients’ champion and we’ll help their employees obtain tailor-fit coverage.

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Finding the Ideal 
Frontier Fit

YourWay Frontier is designed for any type of business—big or small. However, some of your clients can experience a larger, more immediate benefit by moving off their current group plans and onto the individual marketplace with a defined contribution model.

Experience-rated groups currently running hot.

With Frontier, rates are tied to the larger individual market experience; not the experience of one employer group.

Employers offering rich benefits with minimal options.

With Frontier, employees obtain tailor-fit coverage and save any difference between what is contributed and what is spent.

Geographically diverse employers.

With Frontier, each employee obtains localized, in-network coverage.

Employers with high turnover & COBRA administration.

With Frontier, employees own their plans and the need for COBRA is reduced.

Solutions & Seamless Onboarding

YourWay Frontier makes you the superstar. OneBridge makes it easy for you and your clients to make the move.

Once your client decides to move forward with YourWay Frontier, you maintain the relationship as we guide their employees through the onboarding and plan selection processes via our Benefits WayFinder solution and the WayFinder Marketplace. Using this software, participants can search for, compare, and select the coverage plan that best fits their individual needs.

After employees choose their own healthcare coverage, we:


  • Handle ongoing plan compliance.
  • Provide access to customer care center representatives who answer employee questions and assist with qualifying life events. 
  • Facilitate the processing, substantiation, and reporting of qualified health-related expenses.

Partner & Lead the Way

Backed by our account-based benefits knowledge, administration, and technology, YourWay Frontier positions you as a market leader. Schedule a consultation with OneBridge Benefits and learn how you can offer your clients the premier turn-key ICHRA solution.

Partner with OneBridge

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