Frontier in Action

Unlike traditional group health insurance, once you onboard YourWay Frontier, OneBridge Benefits handles the rest. You get fewer administrative responsibilities, more time to do what you do best, and happier, healthier employees.

Learn how implementing Frontier benefitted this organization!

Dunder Mifflin Onboards Frontier

It’s not fiction. It’s Frontier. Instead of offering a traditional silver plan and paying 100% of employee premiums, Dunder Mifflin—specializing in Limitless Paper in a Paperless World—decided to explore a modern health plan with boundless benefits.

Through Frontier, Dunder Mifflin contributes $1,000 a month—the same amount they were paying to offer a single silver group plan—into each employee’s HRA, which they use to buy the health insurance they want.

What did it mean to employees?

Hint: It did not mean closing branches or relying on party-planning committees to boost morale.

It meant more control and savings potential.

Meet Alex

Manager of Accounts at Dunder Mifflin

At the time of her hire, Alex was 27—no longer covered under her parents’ insurance. The opportunity at Dunder Mifflin represented her second full-time job and first time being responsible for her own health insurance. Here’s her journey from new hire, to Frontier participant, to professional veteran, to retiree.


Age 27

Alex is single and healthy. She decides that a bronze plan is right for her—lowest premium, highest deductible. Using the $1,000 contributed by Dunder Mifflin, Alex selects and purchases a health plan from the marketplace with a monthly premium of $500. She then pockets the difference of $500 and saves $6,000 over her first year of employment, knowing that she can use those funds for health-related expenses at any point in the future.

Age 32

Alex is now 32 expecting her first child. So, she decides to level-up to a gold plan—a higher premium, lower deductible. This new health coverage costs more than Dunder Mifflin's monthly $1,000 contribution. Instead of paying the premium difference herself, Alex uses some of the approximately $30,000 pre-tax Frontier funds she's accrued over the past five years to insure herself, her dependents, and some qualified, health-related expenses like co-pays at her pediatrician, a midwife, and baby rash ointment.

Age 59

Time flies when one works at a bustling paper company and Alex's child is now the same age as Alex was when she started at Dunder Mifflin. Alex's child—now an adult—is no longer on her mother's health insurance, which means Alex no longer needs the cost and coverage associated with a gold plan. So, she opts to go back down to bronze plan and returns to saving $500 a month. Retirement is in sight. In addition, Alex recently moved to California to be closer to family. Through Frontier, she’s able to leverage her new regional carriers, instead of onboarding a national plan.

Age 65

Now retired, on Medicare, and back from vacation in Jamaica, Alex reflects on all she has accomplished. She also continues to use her excess Frontier funds against her Medicare costs as well as out-of-pocket expenses such as vaccines, hearing aids (thanks, steel drums), contact lenses, and more!

How did Dunder Mifflin benefit?

With all enrollment and onboarding handled by OneBridge, the Dunder Mifflin HR and Benefits Department no longer worried about rate increases, plan selections, COBRA management, or reporting—year after year.

Frontier allowed their team to focus on retaining their talent and growing their business.

Frontier leads to HR department efficiencies.

And happier, healthier employees.

So how do you onboard Frontier?

Take these three simple steps to point your organization in the direction of the future of health benefits.

Step 1

Provide OneBridge with an anonymous company census. We use it to complete a comprehensive analysis and determine if Frontier is right for you!

Step 2

Upon analysis validation, OneBridge works with your team to design your plan, enroll your employees, and manage the claims processes. 

Step 3

After enrollment, you sit back, relax, and better utilize your internal resources as OneBridge administers the plans!

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