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YourWay to Retirement

YourWay Horizon creates a unique way for employees to save for retirement, allowing them to expect more from their retirement benefits.

The most costliest expense one experiences once they’ve reached retirement is healthcare. YourWay Horizon is built on one of the Funded HRAs OneBridge Benefits offers. It allows employers to contribute pre-tax funds that participants can only access once they’ve separated from the company.

Expanding the
Retirement Horizon

As a post-separation benefit, YourWay Horizon changes the way you use Funded HRAs to save for one of the costliest expenses experienced during retirement—healthcare. A YourWay Horizon plan through OneBridge works similar to both Frontier and Compass plans with the concept of defined contribution. The primary difference being that these pre-tax contributions are only available for use once the participant has either separated from the company or reached retirement. 

Post-separation benefits coverage is designed to provide benefits only after a participant separates from the employer or retires. YourWay Horizon is not subject to the annual and lifetime limits, restrictions or certain other federal provisions. YourWay Horizon can accept contributions into an account limited to post-separation benefits on behalf of any eligible employee including those who are not eligible to receive contributions to an in-service benefits account.

Employer Contributions Are

the Way of the Future

With the costs of healthcare rising year over year, it becomes increasingly difficult for employers and employees to combat those costs. It also makes it more difficult for employees to see value in the same traditional group health plans with a rise in premiums and lack of flexibility. All YourWay plans from OneBridge, including the Horizon offering allows employers to remain competitive and attract and retain top talent by contributing funds that help offset the cost of health insurance for their employers. And much like healthcare costs, the number of employers who choose to contribute more through HRAs and FSAs also continues to rise.

Broaden Your Benefits Horizon

Using a Funded HRA model, contributions of pre-tax funds that participants can only access upon separation broadens the attractiveness and flexibility of traditional post-sep benefit designs. OneBridge Benefits is leading the way with YourWay. Discover how Horizon can help you.

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