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How OneBridge Partners with Brokers

By May 19, 2022Brokers
By partnering with OneBridge Benefits, brokers strengthen their current client relationships and build new ones through the YourWay Frontier suite of account-based benefits plans. YourWay Frontier offers a first-to-market opportunity with the premier Individual Coverage HRA or (ICHRA) plan. Stack an FSA on top of an existing HRA offering or offer new post-separation benefits like our YourWay Frontier Horizon HRA. Whichever way you decide to go, know you’re offering modern solutions that save employers time and money. With each broker-preferred plan, you’re backed by the experience and industry-leading technology of OneBridge Benefits.

As OneBridge Benefits makes healthcare administration easier for employers and richer for employees, we continuously look for broker partners to help us introduce and explore the new frontier of employee benefits.

Our goal since we started in 2013 has been to improve technology around account-based health plans. Our growth has been fueled by several national strategic partnerships which have helped us become a leader among HRA administrators in the market. 

Today, OneBridge has over $2B in assets under management, with over 16 hundred employer groups and 215,000 lives on our platform.

What about the future, though? Well, we believe the future of employer-sponsored health benefits is defined by two key factors:

Relieving employers of the administration that comes with traditional plans and giving employees more choice when it comes to their coverage.

This aligns with the Treasury Department’s projection that by 2025, approximately 11 million employees will be receiving benefits this way which translates to roughly 800,000 employers.

We believe that no one is better suited to socialize this new way of delivering benefits to employers than our broker partners because of the strong relationships you have with your clients.

So, we’ve prepared new ways for brokers to grow their businesses and define the future of health benefits.

The YourWay suite of HRAs, FSAs, and our premier ICHRA plan, branded YourWay Frontier, offers your clients modern, turn-key solutions that will save them time and money, with a simpler solution that delivers a richer employee benefit offering. 

Strengthen your relationships with current clients, and build new ones, by differentiating yourself among the competition. Let our state-of-the-art technology and our experienced team assist you in gaining new market share with this new alternative in employer-sponsored benefit plans.

How? It’s easy…

Start by meeting our team and learn how one, or all, of our account-based health benefit plans can expand your portfolio.

We’ll help train you and provide your teams with access to our proprietary software, marketing collateral, costs analysis tools, and more.

As a preferred partner, you’ll also be included in a revenue sharing program that applies to all of our products.

With OneBridge, you’re free to be your clients’ champion as you help them and their employees experience health benefit plans in new ways.

Contact a OneBridge Broker Partner today to get started!