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OneBridge Benefits values all of its partners as we work together to build a brighter benefits future. Our Leadership Team, which believes in building a strong, family-centric and results-driven culture first, is committed to seeing each partnership successfully grow. To achieve such growth, our team realizes that the benefits of a OneBridge partnership must extend beyond our proprietary software platform and outstanding customer service. Members of the OneBridge family must all assume ownership of every task at hand. Only then can we all share in the success.

Meet the OneBridge
Leadership Team 

Nick Knab

President & CEO

Ryan Schultz

VP of Product Development

Ben Indelicato

VP of Sales & Marketing

Sheilla Jones

General Counsel & VP of
Product Design

Briana Russ

VP of Client Relations

Michelle Andhor

Director of Product Development

Jason Pappas

Director of Business Development

Christina Pietrantoni

Director of Finance

Marc Scirri

Director of Technology

Bob Juda

Director of Client Relations

Kevin Brenon

Manager of Software Engineering

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OneBridge Benefits is a team of over 30 employees dedicated to delivering a revolutionary platform and ongoing administrative service that saves you time and money so you can get back to what matters most—growing your own business. We currently administer the following plans:

Funded HRAs
YourWay Plans
Active HRA
Health FSA
Limited HRA
Limited Health FSA
Retiree HRA
Dependent Care FSA
Stacked Funded HRA & FSA
Stacked Funded HRA & FSA

With all of our HRA, FSA, ICHRA, and YourWay plan models, you access additional benefits, including:

Open Investment

Single, Robust Online Portal
& Mobile App for Users 

Integration with Retirement
Benefit Solutions

Comprehensive Reporting

Online Broker & Employer Portals

Stacked Debit Card Offering

Benefit by Meeting with OneBridge

See how our leadership team and the offerings they drive through each YourWay plan can benefit your own team. With choice and an eye toward a flexible financial future, OneBridge Benefits can show you how to lessen the administrative burden associated with traditional employee health benefits.

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Frontier is the revolutionary alternative to the traditional group health plans that allows employees to choose and pay for their own individual health plans using pre-tax funds contributed by their employers.

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Compass is a Funded HRA that can be offered in tandem with your group health plan to help pay for out-of-pocket, health-related costs incurred by your employees and their family members during and after employment.

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Horizon prepares your employees for retirement by setting aside employer contributions in an HRA account which can grow tax-free in a portfolio of investments and becomes accessible after employment to cover out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and premiums.

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