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Meet the Team: Steve Heist, Vice President of Information Technology

By May 19, 2022Personnel
OneBridge Benefits welcomes Steve Heist as the new Vice President of Information Technology. Discover how Steve plans on using over two decades of technology experience to enhance existing products while providing participants and customers with the best experience possible. We’re thrilled to be able to build and strengthen our team which in turn helps us continue to innovate our products and services. As we continue to innovate for our clients and protect the data they entrust us with, we’re building and strengthening our team.

My name is Steve Heist, and I’m the Vice President of Information Technology at OneBridge Benefits.

How did you start your career? 

So, I began my career at the University of Buffalo where I studied and received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

I worked there over 27 years in multiple different roles, ending as director of Networking Communication Services at the University.

Why OneBridge Benefits? 

So, I’ve been asked multiple times why One Bridge? And I’ve got one word for that. It’s culture. Every day I come in, we ask that question, how can we change the world to make it better?

And it’s through our innovative approach, it’s through the collaborative attitude, it’s through the vision of leadership, and it’s through just wanting to help people. That’s what makes OneBridge

the differentiator.

What do you hope to bring to OneBridge Benefits? 

So, what I hope to bring to OneBridge is being able to help our Product Development

team enhance the existing product with new features and capabilities, be able to scale, and at the end of the day, provide the best experience possible for our participants and our customers.

Our collaborative approach allows us to innovate and be able to bring products more quickly to market with features that are most beneficial to our participants and our clients.

I’m extremely excited to help grow One Bridge and grow myself and meet new people here in the

Western New York community.