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Easily Onboard YourWay

YourWay account-based benefits offer employers and their workforces opportunities to choose tailor-fit coverage and control how much it costs in the process. OneBridge-powered YourWay HRA, YourWay FSA, and YourWay Frontier ICHRA are designed to expand health benefit offerings as additional or standalone plans. Each YourWay Plan has its own built-in, tax-advantaged perks, you can sign up to receive.

By now, you know how the suite of YourWay HRAs, FSAs, and ICHRAs benefit both employers and employees equally.

And now, you’re ready to get started with the YourWay onboarding process… But how does that process actually begin?

Don’t worry. OneBridge is here for your benefit.
Let’s say you’ve already been given a walk-through of our proprietary, first-of-its-kind technology platform, reviewed plan options, and decided to adopt one or more YourWay plans for your business.

First, we ask that you allow us at least 60 days advance notice to ensure that your plan is implemented properly and seamlessly. Next we introduce you to our onboarding team who will work with you to develop an implementation plan and timeline.

Next, we’ll discuss and finalize your plan design, including confirming class and contribution options, eligibility requirements, and other important details. 

Having confirmed all plan design options and details — each of which has been developed to suit the unique needs of your business and diverse workforce—you approve and sign all required documents and agreements.

Once that’s finalized, you’re ready to launch your new YourWay account-based benefit! 

Here’s what we do to make this last step easy for you:

With our industry-leading enrollment and shopping platform, Benefits Wayfinder, and our user-friendly participant portals, enrolling your participants is seamless. And, if you are implementing our latest product offering, the YourWay Frontier ICHRA, our white-glove enrollment team will guide your participants through the plan selection and application process and will set each of them up with a qualified individual medical plan that is tailor fit to their needs.

If questions arise along the way, our friendly customer call center is always on standby, ready to help. And that’s it, in just 4 simple steps you’re on YourWay.

When you onboard with YourWay you’re not just choosing health benefits, you’re choosing excellent technology tools, and extraordinary service. 

Ready to enroll YourWay? So are we! 

Head to to schedule a time to speak with a YourWay Onboarding Specialist.