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WNY Rate Comparison

When running a Frontier analysis for your organization, we compare your existing spending against the lowest plan rates from the individual market. Let’s take a look and see how yours compare! 

Western New York Carrier Rates

Listed below are the lowest plan costs for each of the typical health insurance metal tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. If your organization is paying these amounts or more, you could be paying too much for your health plans!


Lowest monthly premiums. Highest out-of-pocket costs and annual deductibles.



Moderate monthly premiums. Moderate out-of-pocket costs.



High monthly premiums. Low out-of-pocket costs and annual deductibles.



Highest monthly premiums. Lowest out-of-pocket costs and annual deductibles.


Our Software

Benefits WayFinder: Built to Enroll

Benefits WayFinder is a modern platform designed and developed to seamlessly onboard organizations and its participants. More specifically, Benefits WayFinder optimizes the adoption and enrollment processes of the latest account-based health benefit offering from OneBridge—YourWay Frontier. 

Try WayFinder!